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About Us

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Co-owners Harriet Gill and Corinne Herbst founded Alexia Gallery in August of 2005, with the intent of bringing new examples of high-quality jewelry and craft to Atlanta. They wanted to provide the community with a gallery that did more…Corinne brought her extensive experience in the jewelry industry to Alexia, incorporating jewelry repair, appraisals, watch service, and custom design. The result is a lovely space where you can get an engagement ring, a birthday gift, or have your jewelry cleaned for free with chocolate candy to boot.

Alexia represents incredible artists, each of whom creates great individual beauty. We have an eclectic sampling of Mexican handicrafts, including the work of a potter whose traditional technique has become so rare that one of his pieces is owned by the Smithsonian. Everyone loves Ann Davis’ chunky African beads, and Carolyn Tyler’s minutely detailed Balinese gold. Our rich woods, jewel-like watercolors, and vibrant glass will make your mouth water.

When you come, please bring your kids and dogs, and expect to be a friend by the time you leave. It’s an unusual concept in today’s anonymous, big-box environment, but that’s what makes us thrive. We think you’ll appreciate the difference!