Custom Jewlery

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Custom Jewelry

Custom design is a great way to set loose gemstones and/or recycle your gold, to give new life to an old piece, or to create something that is completely ‘you’.

When you come to Alexia for a custom design, you will sit down with one of our experienced designers and discuss exactly what you want and need.

  • We will sketch ideas, show examples, and explain the basics of goldsmithing. Once we have crystallized the design, we’ll decide whether the piece should be hand fabricated—constructed from metal sheet and wire—or carved from wax and cast.
  • We then estimate a price based on method, labor, and the weight and market price of the metal.
  • If the piece is cast, you’ll view the wax after it is carved to make sure it meets every specification. Adjustments can be made at this point at no additional charge.
  • Upon approval of the wax, the work is carefully completed.

We love seeing our customers’ expressions when they are presented with their beautiful, unique ornament and heirloom.